Doctor Claims to Have Found Cure for Sepsis

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Dr. Paul Marik claims to have found the cure for sepsis

A physician from Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) claims that he found a simple and inexpensive cure for sepsis. Dr. Paul Marik, the Critical Care Chief at EVMS, made the stunning discovery in 2016, when he faced a severe case of sepsis with small chances of survival.

Sepsis is a critical condition which causes organs to fail one by one. It makes many victims, as the estimates say that nearly 8 million people die every year from the condition. Medical experts used to think that sepsis is deadly and that it has no cure, but Dr. Marik might have found a solution.

In 2016, when he claims to have found the cure, Dr. Marik was running the intensive care unit at Sentara Norfolk General. Then, a woman aged 48 was admitted in the intensive care unit. She was struggling with a severe case of sepsis. Her kidneys and her lungs had already failed, and Dr. Marik feared that he had no solution to save her.

Vitamin C helps sepsis patients

As he was running out of possible options to treat her, he remembered of a study he had read a few weeks before the event. The study claimed that Vitamin C might work as a possible treatment for sepsis. Patients who struggle with sepsis are known to have low concentrations of Vitamin C in their cells. Dr. Marik knew that the vitamin and steroids work in the same way, so he decided to combine them in an injection and administer them to the patient intravenously.

Many people did not think that this treatment would work. However, the patient started recovering gradually. After two days, the doctors allowed her to leave the ICU. Then, two more patients who were assumed to die of sepsis received the same treatment. The results were the same, the patients recovered.

Seeking scientific proof that the treatment is effective

Since then, Dr. Marik and his team started using this treatment for all sepsis patients. Later on, they added thiamine into the mix, as patients usually lack this substance and it helps with the absorbing of Vitamin C.

The doctor and his team wanted to bring scientific proof that their solution is viable, so they started a collaboration with scientists from Old Dominion University. The first results confirmed that the treatment is effective. Now, they are going to extend the research to a bigger number of people.

Dr. Marik declares that his treatment is effective and causes no side effects. He hopes that other physicians will start using it, even before the trials are over, as they can save millions of lives.
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