StarCraft Receives Remaster with Different Graphics

StarCraft II

Blizzard announced that StarCraft would receive a remaster

A rumor has been circulated that a new StarCraft remaster for PC is going to hit the markets soon. On Saturday, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that the remaster was set for launch in summer 2017. They detailed no pricing information, but they revealed quite a few other details on the long-expected remaster.

A special patch precedes the remaster game

First of all, the remaster will be preceded by a patch for the StarCraft: Brood of War client. Blizzard claimed that this 1.18a client would not change anything in the mechanics of the game. This is proven by the fact that players with the 1.16 patch will be able to access the new version. Among others, the patch provides a better compatibility with new Windows versions.

Moreover, the excitement is provided by two important updates. The patch allows players to connect with owners of the upcoming remaster, and they can also fight against them. The second update is probably more exciting. Once the patch is released, StarCraft Anthology goes free for download for both single- and multiplayer modes.

New StarCraft with different graphics

Blizzard made public the official details on the patch on TeamLiquid. Thus, the patch as a potential price change will come on March 30th. The first launched version will be available only for Windows, and further versions will soon appear.

The remaster will launch both for PC and Mac. It will contain the same content as the original StarCraft game. The additions are some new 2D graphics adapted for 4K resolutions and for wider screens. Some might enjoy the redrawn art, while others might not.

Blizzard presented several images of the new monsters, buildings, and ships which might seem peculiar to veteran StarCraft players. The remaster brings a new retouch, namely to the six campaigns available. The intro panels will feature a comic book style, and they come with new dialogue and a fresh look.

It seems that you can both zoom in on the 2D panels and zoom out, to get a complete view of the battlefield. However, it is not clear if you can zoom however you like during online play. Blizzard will soon release some new footage, so we can say for sure if the redrawing was a wise choice or not. Below you can watch a trailer for the remaster.

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