Hearthstone Expansion Journey to Un’Goro Comes Next Week


Blizzard releases a new Hearthstone expansion, Journey to Un’Goro

Blizzard Entertainment comes with great news for Hearthstone players. They revealed that the next expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, would be released on April 6th. It comes for PC, but also for Android and iOS. Also, players can prepare by already purchasing one of the special 50 card packs prepared for the expansion.

Adapt cards

The expansion comes with 135 new cards. Besides, it also brings joy to old school Hearthstone players by offering them new mechanics. For instance, there are the Adapt cards. One such item allows players to choose one buff from three when it is drawn. This comes from a pool of 10.

Dean Ayala, the game designer, is pretty proud of Adapt. He says that it allows players to be flexible and to make all kinds of wacky choices in many kinds of situations. There are those cards which say “Poisonous”. They might bring quite an interesting outcome if played, but they might also be a little risky. Thus, an Adapt card lets players to take all these features of the cards and use them as they like.

Elemental cards

A second new mechanic is Elemental. This helps players build on the basis of cards they played before and which belong to the same Element. Thus, they can better organize their game and receive rewards. Mike Donais says that Elemental helps you play future turns before and gather all the strength of the cards you play.

Quest cards

These are extremely exciting, as they are special cards which offer you tons of advantages. In order to achieve this advantages, you have to fulfill certain conditions. Thus, you can experience separate adventures while still being part of the game.

There is a Quest card for each class, but the developers thought that not all players would want to engage in the challenge. Thus, Peter Whalen, the senior game designer, explained that they also tried to provide some other cards based on other teams and keep all types of players satisfied.

The Journey to Un’Goro expansion looks like an amazing experience for all veteran Hearthstone players. Until then, do not forget about the special celebration of the Year of the Mammoth. Until April 5th, players can log in every day and try winning free packs, gold, dust, or even a Volcanosaur card.

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