Authorities have A Suspect in St. Petersburg Metro Bombing

St. Petersburg traffic                             Authorities have A Suspect in St. Petersburg Metro Bombing

On Monday, a huge explosion happened inside a subway car at a metro station in St. Petersburg, Russia. The blast killed 11 people. Now, the authorities reportedly have a suspect who is a Russian citizen who was born in the region of Kyrgyzstan. The state security service in this region said that the name of the suspect is Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, born in 1995, in the city of Osh. The Russian law enforcement is reportedly investigating the attack and are considering it to be of terrorist nature.

A blast at the metro

According to recent reports, the blast injured about 51 people. An improvised bomb reportedly exploded inside a subway train while it was travelling between two metro stations in the city of St. Petersburg. Authorities later found yet another such bomb, which had not been detonated, in the subway station located right near St. Petersburg’s main railway station.

This attack in one of Russia’s biggest cities comes at a time when the Eastern European giant is not facing one of its most peaceful times. Actually, just eight days before the attack, people went out in the streets to protest official corruption in their country. Now, some experts are saying that the government might use this horrible attack to move the focus off the protests. Last week, Russian president Vladimir Putin told people that those protests which started out peacefully, ended up more violently than initially imagined.

Putin offered his condolences

President Putin also went to the subway station where the train stopped after the bomb exploded. He placed a bouquet of roses and offered his condolences to the families of the victims. The authorities have declared that the driver of the subway car was extremely courageous to not stop the train. Thus, he saved the lives of the other passengers who otherwise, could have been trapped inside the car. He kept the train going until it reached the Tekhnologichesky Institute metro station.

People are very mad that such attacks are taking place in one of St. Petersburg’s most visited areas. The residents are saying that the city has always been one of the most quiet and peaceful. Now, with those attacks, tourists are not going to come visit and the people will live in fear from now on. After the explosion, the authorities close the entire subway system of the city.

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