1 in 8 Working Americans Struggle with Mental Disorders

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A 2013 research found that people suffering from depression make up 10.8 percent of all US workforce. A total of 8.7 missed workdays due to their condition, while the disorder causes losses of over $23 billion annually. With so many people suffering from depression, the mental condition is still receiving plenty of backlash, a great majority considering it a deep state of the blues.

Depression is Not a Choice

Even though many people still believe that depression can be eliminated by “thinking happy thoughts,” the disease is actually a serious mental disorder that causes psychological damage to the brain. Individuals struggling with the condition have altered brain chemistry, finding it impossible to deal with what society considers normal situations.

Unfortunately, the high number of workplace-related suicides is tightly linked to depression. According to the CDC, workplace suicides rates have considerably risen over the last three decades. The agency found that a working American commits suicide once every 20 minutes.

What Do the Numbers Say?

It seems like workers aged 65 and higher – those who are rapidly approaching retirement – are more likely to take their own lives than the younger working demographic. Police officers, firefighters, and other members of protective services are also the likeliest to commit suicide as their jobs expose them to psychological shocks that take a toll on their mental health. Statistics also say that men are more prone to end their own lives than women, 2.7/1.000.000 males taking their own life.

From a financial point of view, depression causes a total damage of approximately $23 billion per year, over 18 million individuals being affected by the disorder. Moreover, statistics show that full-time workers diagnosed with depression miss a total of 13 days of work per year, while part-timers skip about 18 workdays due to their condition.

Workplace Mental Disorders Facts

Closely following stress and unexpected family crisis, depression ranks third in the top three most common workplace problems. Unfortunately, 15 percent of individuals diagnosed with this mental disorder end up committing suicide. While females are more prone to developing the disorder, men are more likely to end their lives because of it.

Depression is a serious illness that affects over 10 percent of the population, costing American companies billions each year. Even though numerous awareness campaigns have taken places, there are still plenty of individuals who consider the disorder a profound sadness.

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