What to Expect While on Board of Blue Origin Capsule

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What to Expect While on Board of Blue Origin Capsule

On Wednesday, at the 33rd annual Space Symposium, Blue Origin founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said that the people who may want to buy a ticket to his company’s New Shepard capsule should first know a few things. They will need to go to the bathroom before the flight and make sure that they are not going to get sick while on it. According to him, his company is not planning to install any systems which will deal with human waste. Apart from this, Bezos offered some details about the trip, the company’s anticipation of customer demand and a possible lottery with tickets for New Shepard.

What is New Shepard

New Shepard is a suborbital space vehicle which is reusable and created by Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ spaceflight company. He is also the CEO and founder of Amazon. During the Space Symposium, he explained that after testing the capsule for entire years, he is confident that his company will be able to fly people into space in 2018. However, Blue Origin is not going to fly anyone before it makes sure that everything is working properly and the people will be completely safe.

The people who will buy a ticket on New Shepard will fly over the Kármán line, which is 62 miles above the Earth’s surface. Scientists consider the line to be the border between the planet’s atmosphere and space. It is interesting to note that from that altitude, passengers will get to see both the darkness of space and the curve of the Earth. They will also experience weightlessness. A flight on New Shepard will last about 11 minutes and will carry only 6 passengers. They will sit on black leather seats, strapped by them, and lined around the capsule. Each passenger will be almost facing the ceiling, but each one of them will still have a clear view of what is going on outside.

A once in a lifetime experience

After the capsule reaches space, the passengers will be able to experience weightlessness for about 4 minutes. New Shepard has soft walls and handrails, in order to make it easier for the people to float around safely. Bezos has not announced how much a ticket for this journey is going to cost, but will most probably be rather expensive. Also, the price will depend on how much demand the company will have for this flight.

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