Trudeau Legalizes Recreational Marijuana in Canada

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Trudeau Legalizes Recreational Marijuana in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister seems to have finally fulfilled a campaign promise. On Thursday, he introduced a bill which will legalize the use of recreational marijuana in Canada. Everybody is expecting his legislation to pass, and if this will indeed happen, Canada will become the second nation after Uruguay to completely legalize marijuana.

Legalizing recreational marijuana

Many states have either allowed people to buy it with a medical prescription or decriminalized it. However, only those two states, Uruguay and now Canada, completely legalized its use. Lawmaker Bill Blair said that criminal prohibition did not do anything to protect the people, the kids and even the communities. He is actually in charge of the legislation. During a news conference, Blair also explained that the government wants to allow legal sales of marijuana by 2018. However, there are still some things that need settling.

Firstly, each province of Canada needs to decide how will distribute and sell the drug within its territory. Apart from this, from now on, the authorities will need to have breathalyzers for marijuana, so they can check if drivers have consumed. Also, employers will test workers in a similar way, at the job.


Meanwhile, doctors still expressed their concerns about the frequent use of this drug and its effect in the long run, especially in young Canadians. In the United States, eight states have more or less legalized marijuana, but under federal law, the use of this drug is still illegal. However, there will not be an open market in the country, thanks to some strict rules that people will need to follow. Firstly, those under the age of 18 cannot buy it. Also, the maximum amount a person can carry will be of about an ounce.

Moreover, people will only be allowed to grow up to four plants of marijuana in their gardens. Blair also stated that growing, importing or exporting marijuana outside of the legal channels will remain a very serious crime. As for the price of the drug, the government has yet to decide it. Especially after the country’s experiences with tobacco. Canada regulated tobacco very strictly.

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