Trump Congratulates Erdogan After Referendum

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan

                                     Trump Congratulates Erdogan After Referendum

According to reports, United States president Donald Trump has called Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to congratulate him on the outcome of Sunday’s referendum. Starting now, the president will have new powers, apart from many other changes. Interestingly enough, Trump’s phone call is in contrast with what Europe believes. The opinion of many European states is that this referendum did nothing else but further divide the Turkish nation. 51.4% people reportedly voted in favor of the referendum.

Erdogan gains super powers

It is worth noting that the main opposition party on Turkey is preparing to launch an appeal to make the result of the referendum invalid. At the same time, president Erdogan denied that his victory was the result of an uneven campaign. The changes decided by the referendum will be introduced before the parliamentary and presidential elections in November 2019. They might even allow president Erdogan to keep the power until 2029, while transforming Turkey into a presidential republic similar to the United States or France.

Turkey also extended the state of emergency for three more months, on Monday. Last July, after a failed coup, the country established this measure which was about to expire in a few days.

A call from Donald Trump

It is worth noting that the call from Donald Trump was established long before the referendum and they needed to talk about the situation in Syria. However, the United States president preferred to offer his congratulations, thus joining leaders from countries like Qatar, Guinea and even the Hamas movement. Meanwhile, leaders from Europe refrained from making declarations.

Erdogan’s supporters are extremely happy with this victory. They believe that it is a legitimization of the leader’s power. However, his opponents are not happy at all, and consider his greater powers a threat to the country. The European Union, who has been urging Erdogan to unite the country, is not content either. This might mark the beginning of a definitive split between the EU and Turkey. Other European leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel have said that the outcome of the referendum only proves how bad the situation in Turkey is. The European Commission and many others made public their concerns regarding the possibility of the return of death penalty.

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