Think Tank Linked with Putin Planned to Alter Election in Trump’s Favor

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                         Think Tank Linked with Putin Planned to Alter Election in Trump’s Favor

According to reports from three current and four former United States officials, a think tank based in Moscow which had connections with Russian president Vladimir Putin planned to increase Donald Trump’s chances at winning the presidency, during the 2016 election. The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies reportedly instructed some top Russian officials on how to alter the outcome of the presidential election. Sources reported that the institute that supposedly did that is Kremlin’s in-house foreign policy think tank.

Plans to make Trump win

This think tank reportedly issued two separate documents containing their plan to make Donald Trump win the United States election. Some top Russian government officials received the first one. In it, there were details on Kremlin’s best chance to help Trump. And that was to start a propaganda. This social media and news propaganda was supposed to convince the people that Trump was the candidate that was going to be softer in what concerned the affairs with Russia. State-backed new outlets were supposed to deliver this to the public.

However, it seems like the think tank changed its approach sometimes in October, when Hillary Clinton was distancing herself from Trump in the polls. So, the plan changed and this time, it said to leave propaganda and attack Clinton directly. Moreover, it began spreading rumors about voter fraud. United States intelligence officials later acquired those classified documents. They used them as proof for their investigation into Russia’s intervention in the presidential election.

The think tank denies everything

However, it seems like the supposed think tank which did all those things released an official statement in which it denies everything. Also, it states that all the information is false. The institution said that such lies only make the people perceive the world in a completely wrong way, which should not happen. As for the Russian president, he strongly denied any connection with the United States presidential election. Donald Trump also defended Russia by saying that it did nothing to alter the outcome of the election.

Recently, Donald Trump said that the relationship between the United States and Russia might have hit an “all time low”. Also, that for the moment, the two countries are not going to get along too well, let alone collaborate.

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