Canadian Town has its Own Iceberg

Iceberg on water                                              Canadian Town has its Own Iceberg

It seems like the little Canadian town of Ferryland now has its own iceberg. And tourists are queuing to see the giant block of ice which is towering over the town. Ferryland is located south of St. John’s, on the east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. According to the Canadian Ice Service, the iceberg is a large one, at the height of 151-240 feet. It is also 401 and 670 feet long.

An iceberg off the coast of Canada

It seems that Canada’s so-called “Iceberg Alley” it is not disappointing this year. The huge iceberg is grounded just off the country’s east coast. And because of it, many tourists and even locals are trying to get the best picture possible of the ice block and show it to friends. According to one of them, he did not know about the existence of the iceberg. It took him by surprise on Tuesday morning, when he was taking a ride on his bicycle. So, the man stopped and took pictures of the iceberg and explained the whole experience as not being something you see every day. It is reportedly something very powerful and, along with the sound of the waves hitting it, it becomes almost surreal. Sometimes there are even some cracking sounds.

Photographers also approached the iceberg in the town and took as many pictures of it as they could. Some of them posted the result on their social media accounts. Some of them have revealed that they would like to take some pictures of the iceberg during night time, for the dramatic effect.

A rare thing

According to meteorologists, it is very rare for such a big iceberg to be so close to the shore. Especially to a town’s shore. Iceberg season reportedly starts in spring and it extends through summer too. The waters are usually refreezing sometime in September. Meteorologists also explained that a combination of currents is what brings the Arctic ice towards south and near the Newfoundland coast. The iceberg reportedly looked even bigger last week. According to the International Ice Patrol, 648 icebergs have been spotted in the area until this week. This is huge compared to the 212 icebergs which are usually seen during this period.

Image source: pixabay


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