New Jersey Close To Banning Flavored E-Cigarettes

flavored cigarettes

New Jersey has been trying to ban the distribution and sale of flavored electronic cigarettes.

New Jersey has been trying for more than a year to ban the distribution and sale of flavored electronic cigarettes, and it looks like it has finally succeeded. The health committee voted seven to two, with other two abstentions to approve the new regulation.

Therefore, all vaping products and devices will be banned. The tobacco, menthol, and clove flavors are the only exception. Vaping is the process through which the users inhale the vaporizing liquids in e-cigarettes.

According to the statistics, there are more than a few hundred flavors available, ranging from cherry to chocolate and honey. NJ officials decided to take active measures because vape stores became widely spread throughout the country over the past few years.

The distribution or sale of flavored cigarettes will be banned, except the ones which come in tobacco, menthol, and clove flavors. If the governor signs the new bill, it will expand to cover other products. More precisely, the NJ residents will no longer be allowed to buy flavored refills and cartridges.

If the bill becomes law, then the violators will be fined with $250. The legislation was approved last year after it had been hotly debated by the opposing parties. According to the sponsors, the new ban will prevent the vaping products from affecting children and teenagers.

The public health specialists underline the fact that many tobacco companies have developed an abundance of marketing strategies to persuade young consumers, so that they will become life-long customers. Although electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, they still contain nicotine which is a highly addictive ingredient.

Previous studies have shown that the adolescents who try flavored e-cigarettes are more likely to turn to traditional cigarettes. Also, many high schoolers became regular smokers after they tried vaping first. Besides this, the tobacco companies have created many flavors over the past few years to attract as many customers as possible.

In NJ, the distribution or sale of e-cigarettes is banned to people under 19 years. Also, the same regulation applies to standard tobacco products. The new bill will ban the use of promotional offers and coupons for vapor and tobacco products too.

Although lawmakers prohibited the marketing of many nicotine and tobacco products to youth, most high schoolers are still exposed to coupons and promotional offers. The health experts say that the new regulation will also reduce the rates of premature deaths related to smoking and vaping.

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