Hawaii’s Kauai Island Is Now Home To The Tesla Powerpack 2

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Kauai Island in Hawaii is the latest home of a Tesla Powerpack storage facility.

Kauai Island in Hawaii is the latest home of a Tesla Powerpack storage facility. This should help the island conserve and use stored energy. It should also help further cut back on the use of diesel fuel.

Tesla’s Powerpack system was linked to Kauai’s solar power facility. The new project was specifically developed by Tesla to the KIUC. This is the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative. David Bissell, its CEO and President, offered some further details.

According to him, this is the biggest solar energy storage facility in the world. The space occupied by the Tesla Powerpack was previously used for growing sugarcane. Now, this space will help ensure that KCUI meets the island’s power needs.

Kauai Island, like the rest of Hawaii, makes good use of solar power systems. Nonetheless, this only worked during the day as the plant could not store the energy. This is where the Powerpack storage facility will come in. Tesla’s Powerpack technology will start capturing solar energy during the peak daytime production hours.

The facility will then store this power source. It will also be keeping it until it is ready for use. Officials stated that this reserve will most likely be used at night. More exactly, during the peak nighttime consumption hours.

As such, Tesla’s system uses the maximum daytime production in order to power the highest nighttime consumption. This new energy storage facility is also a key part of a larger project.

Kauai Island is looking to reduce its diesel fuel dependency. Officials will be looking to reach a very specific goal. They will be trying to move the island to a 100 percent renewable energy source. According to reports, this target should be achieved by 2045.

At the same time, the KIUC partnership will also be bringing advantages for Tesla. The company will have a new way of demonstrating its system’s utility. And this model also has a real-world actual use.

Through it, Tesla can also show that its Powerpack system can be used and adapted according to need. KIUC uses the Powerpack 2. This is the system’s second-generation commercial variant.

Tesla officials state that the Kauai Island facility will also point out the following factor. This will be the first time that a solar energy facility will be able to deliver 24 hours of reliable power. It will do so as it operates across the day and delivers throughout the night.

The Tesla Powerpack storage facility will be composed of 272 units. These should also help reduce the island’s diesel fuel dependency by 1.6 million gallons each year. Traditionally, these gallons were used to power the energy line after dark. Kauai Island will also have the chance to reduce and stabilize the diesel fuel fluctuating cost.

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