The World’s First Trillionaire Will Be Someone from the AI Field

Mark Cuban

American billionaire investor Mark Cuban predicts the world’s first trillionaire will run an AI business.

Billionaire Mark Cuban believes that the world’s first trillionaire would be an entrepreneur who placed a heavy bet on the artificial intelligence (AI) field, unless the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, makes it to his mid-80s.

I am telling you, the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI,

Cuban said in an ABC interview on Sunday night.

Old Industries Could Benefit From AI Expansion

He thinks that stronger computing power and bigger data sets would create many growth opportunities for businesses that use AI, which could be used by old industries as well such as insurance.

Cuban predicts more technological advance over the next decade than we witnessed over the last three decades. He started his business career when he teamed up with Todd Wagner to launch an internet startup which they later sold to Yahoo for nearly $6 billion in 1999.

Sources within Google reportedly told Cuban that the use of AI helped the web search giant generate an extra $9 billion in revenue. He added that regardless of your expertise if you don’t study neural networks and deep learning you are doomed to fail. Cuban believes we are approaching an era when software will automate software and automation will automate automation.

Accountants Will Lose their Jobs to Philosophy Majors

He also thinks the pace will accelerate and other types of skill sets will be required. He doesn’t think accountants or CPAs have a bright future ahead. Instead, philosophy majors could dominate the market as AI requires more critical thinking, while it replaces old technical skills.

In the meantime, low-skilled workers are gradually replaced by robots and automated systems. So, Trump has pledged to revive the U.S. manufacturing industry and bring back jobs from China and Mexico. Yet, Cuban doesn’t think that that is doable anymore.

On Sunday, he wondered what he and other entrepreneurs could do to give people hope for jobs and allow them live a valuable life. He invited the audience to think about that and give solutions as the new administration’s approach is out of touch with reality.

Cuban also said that he likes president Trump’s conservative economic policies, but he labeled him as “the Zoolander president,” referring to a comedy directed by Ben Stiller.
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