Almost 300 Dead in Mosul Airstrike

Streets of Mosul after airstrike

                                         Almost 300 Dead in Mosul Airstrike

On Wednesday, Iraqi officials said that about 300 people lost their lives in an airstrike in west Mosul. They reportedly removed their bodies from the site. This marks the biggest civilian death toll since the beginning of the battle against the Islamic States, which began over two years ago. Also, it is one of the horrifying incidents to take place in entire decades of modern fighting. The same Iraqi officials blamed the Islamic State for the airstrike, as the coalition led by the United States started an investigation.

A horrifying attack

At the beginning of the offensive which started on October 17, officials ordered civilians to stay inside their homes. Now, this attack kills the biggest number of residents since the beginning of this war. It is not certain at the moment who really is responsible for this tragedy. According to Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, who is the top United States general commanding the fight against ISIS, there is a good chance that the coalition is responsible for the airstrike. However, if that is the case, it was completely unintentional, an accident of war. And they will report the truth without hiding anything, if they will reach this conclusion.

Since the United States campaign against ISIS began, the Pentagon reported about 229 civilian deaths, from airstrikes. However, other independent monitoring groups are saying that the numbers are much higher, about 2,700 civilian deaths. On March, when the Iraqi civil defense officials arrived at the site of the airstrike, reported over 200 civilian deaths. Now, it seems like they have removed a number of 278 bodies from the rubble. Many of them are children and, at the moment, many more could be still buried underneath the collapsed buildings.


However, a spokesman for the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service declared that those numbers are purely fictional. According to him, the officials removed only 61 bodies. Also, the total death toll is of about 100 to 130. Moreover, the same spokesman said that people should not be so certain that everything that has happened was because of an airstrike. The military commanders reportedly inspected the site and they reportedly did not find any signs whatsoever of an airstrike. So, at the moment, nobody knows for certain what caused the deaths of so many innocent people.

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