Suspect in Stockholm Attack is An Uzbekistan Asylum-Seeker

Stockholm at dawn

                                Suspect in Stockholm Attack is An Uzbekistan Asylum-Seeker

Allegedly, an asylum-seeker from Uzbekistan was behind the Stockholm truck rampage that took the lives of four people. It was Sweden’s deadliest such attack in years. Now, the capital is slowly getting back to normal as the authorities are releasing more information about the suspect.

The suspect

According to reports, the police ordered the 39-year old man to leave Sweden back in December after his request for residence permit had been rejected a few months before. However, it seems like he did not leave but instead hid, escaping the authorities’ efforts to catch and deport him. On Friday, he came into the light when he took the wheel of a beer truck, ran over some innocent pedestrians and crashed into a department store, in the Swedish capital.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven declared for news agencies that the entire country feels frustrated for not catching the suspect earlier. According to the country’s national police, the suspect was “sympathetic to extremist organizations”. The authorities detained both him and another person for suspicion of terrorist offenses, on Sunday. The police also held four other, unidentified people.

Sweden’s openness towards immigrants

Sweden is famous for its openness in regards with immigrants and refugees alike. However, after in 2015 the country received over 163,000 refugees, the government began selecting more thoroughly the people they are allowing to enter the country and stay.

The suspect reportedly avoided the authorities by giving a false address. So, the police could not find him. National Coordinator Against Violent Extremism Anna Carlstedt said that this recent attack might be the proof the country needed to impose a harsher immigrant policy. On Sunday, many people gathered at memorials for the victims of the attack. Some of them were angry, some were sad, while others did not know what to feel. Is openness the key? A Stockholm resident said that if the people they received into their country have already begun acting like this, the situation must change. Four people died in the attack. A British resident, a Belgian woman and two Swedish people. The authorities have not made their identities public for now. Only the British authorities preferred to release the name of their citizen. Chris Bevington was reportedly working for the music-streaming service Spotify.

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