BlackBerry KeyOne Might Revive Hardware Keyboard

blackberry keyone

No matter how sleek the design of a modern smartphone is, many users find it a challenge to type a message with their touch keyboard. This might be the reason why BalckBerry KeyOne is in for a big success. While users can still enjoy the benefits of a touch display, they can also tap into larger productivity with QWERTY hardware keyboard. This mix between the old and new technology proved to be a useful tool for many people so far.

Reintroducing Hardware Keyboard on the Market Takes Courage

BlackBerry KeyOne entered the market with a unique design. Whether it is aesthetic enough or not, in today’s world this move takes courage. Almost all major smartphones nowadays preferred to remain comfortably within the sleek edges that consumers seem to love so much. However, Blackberry’s latest flagship product dared to try a new look, which sets it apart from other products by far.

The company decided to create a productivity tool, a strategy that made the brand famous from the beginning, to the detriment of style. Its IPS screen has 4.5 inches and can support the 1620×80 resolution. The size of the screen is small for today’s market standards. However, it does make way for its QWERTY hardware keyboard that comes with 35 buttons. The final result is a tall yet skinny smartphone that has almost the size of an iPhone 7 Plus.

Blackberry KeyOne Comes with First-Rate Tech as Well

Nonetheless, BlackBerry did its homework and is offering some modern features as well. A fingerprint scanner on the spacebar goes against the classic design, yet not in a bad way at all. Moreover, the software works on Android 7.1 Nougat, it offers 32GB internal storage beside MicroSD card and 3GB of RAM. As for the battery, BlackBerry turned to Qualcomm for an impressive 3,505mAh unit with QuickCharge 3.0 technology.

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