Russia Challenges Boeing, Airbus with New Passenger Jet


Russia is content with the test drive of its new passenger jet.

The MC-21 medium-haul passenger jet is going to be a new presence in the airline industry. This is the first time Russia created a new aircraft concept after its Soviet historical period. The country hopes that its latest addition can live up to expectations and become a fierce competitor to Boeing and Airbus.

The New Passenger Jet Is Russia’s Ticket to Modernized Domestic Industrial Production

On Sunday, Russia performed its first flight on the new passenger jet. The test drive lasted for an hour in which time the plane covered 186 miles at the height of 3,280 feet. The test was successful. The company behind this Russian achievement is Irkut and its parent company United Aircraft Corporation which is state-controlled.

With this bold move, Russia aims at modernizing its domestic industrial production. At the moment, the whole country is highly dependent on foreign companies to sustain its economy. Russian authorities are confident that their new passenger jet has enough advantages to challenge the transatlantic competition. On the other hand, Western analysts consider that the country has still a lot of work to do before dethroning the giants that ruled this industry for such a long time.

Western Analysts Found the Test Drive Inconclusive

The pilot in charge of the test flight was Oleg Kononenko. The specialist claimed that the Russian passenger jet presented no issues during the test. On the other hand, Western professionals seemed surprised regarding the conditions of the test. They claimed that the altitude and duration were extremely petty in comparison to other recent debuts. For instance, European and North American planes tested their limits for up to four hours.

One flight test engineer declared under the coverage of anonymity that the circumstances of the test drive were suspicious. There is room for two possibilities. The officials knew the passenger jet came with its risks. On the other hand, the test mission might have experienced some technical issues. This is why the pilot might have been a force to get the test to a sudden end.

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