France Pushes Eleven Mandatory Vaccines for Children as of 2018

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Italy is the first country to take a stand once and for all regarding an extremely controversial modern topic, namely vaccines. The new regulations won’t allow children that aren’t up to date with their vaccines to enter the premises of state schools. This way, authorities consolidated a healthy environment for students. Following this Italian decision, France is going to take its own measures regarding this health issue. As of 2018, the country will impose eleven mandatory vaccines for kids.

France Is Determined to Impose Eleven Mandatory Vaccines Next Year

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe welcomed the new regulations with a side of a stormy remark. He stated that there are no grounds in today’s world for kids to still be suffering from measles giving the breakthroughs in the medical industry. France is also the country that pioneered some of the earliest versions of such vaccines.

For the time being, France has three mandatory vaccines. These are inoculated to guard children against polio, diphtheria, and tetanus. However, children can receive other treatments only if their parents agree with doctors’ recommendations. Therefore, those against influenza or hepatitis remain optional.

However, the government wants to change this situation. Therefore, Mr. Philippe announced that the eleven vaccines that all health authorities recommend for children would become imperative for the next year. He underlined the importance of this decision by referring to Louis Pasteur. This is a French scientist who innovated the health industry in the 19th century with the first vaccines for anthrax and rabies.

People Lost Faith in Medical Industry

The World Health Organization reported that Europe is on the verge of a serious measles outbreak. This danger might be more daunting as there are already effective solutions to counteract this threat altogether. It is believed that anti-vaxxers contributed to a weaker immunization across several countries. Therefore, the introduction of the eleven mandatory vaccines intends to address this issue.

At the basis of these movements against vaccines stands a low confidence in the medical industry. A recent survey revealed that three out of ten French citizens distrust the positive effects of vaccines. However, the decreased rate of vaccinated children coincides with an outbreak of measles. This illness has already caused 79 patients in the first two months of 2017.

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