Armstrong’s Bag of Moon Dust Will Land to the Highest Bidder

Neil Alden Armstrong was one of the personalities that went down in history. He was the first person who took a small step on the Moon back in July 1969. President Richard Nixon presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom while Jimmy Carter offered him the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. Five years ago, the legendary astronaut succumbed to death due to surgery complications. Nonetheless, his legacy will never be forgotten in history. His personal bag of moon dust was one of the most coveted exhibits at a New York auction house.

The Action House Valued the Bag of Moon Dust Starting with $2 Million

Sotheby’s New York auction house decided to mark down the 48th anniversary of the first ever manned Moon landing mission with an exquisite exhibition. The institution displayed Thursday a collection of 180 lots. All of these entries share a link with the space travel industry. However, the representative piece of the event is Neil Armstrong’s bag of moon dust.

The late astronaut managed to collect 48 years ago on June 20 several rocks and some lunar dust on the space mission of his life. Their value is augmented by their priceless historical significance that ties them to a legendary moment in human culture. However, the auction house managed to put a price range on this vestige of the past of between $2 million to $4 million.

Armstrong’s Possession Has a Thrilling Story before Resurfacing in Public Eyes Again

The bag itself has an adventurous story behind. Some misunderstandings were about to make this treasure end up in the trash. However, two years ago, the bag resurfaced during a seized assets auction that was led on behalf of the U.S. Marshals Service.

The buyer at that time remained anonymous and chose to contact NASA to test the authenticity of the bag. After a legal battle, a federal judge appointed the unidentified investor as the legal owner of the item.

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