Facebook’s Next Breakthrough Might Be a Modular Smartphone

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Facebook is not done with hardware projects. On the contrary, the next big step the company might be preparing has the potential to change one of the most challenging markets in the world, smartphones. Official papers revealed a patent application on behalf of the company. The proposed innovative concept is a modular smartphone.

Facebook’s Leak of a Modular Smartphone Project Was a Patent Application

On Thursday, the social media giant decided to file for a patent application. The documents revealed a whole new concept of a phone. The main goal of this project is to enable consumers to accessorize their gadgets in any possible way. On top of that, the proposed model gains a lot of good grades by its solution to durability.

The modular electromechanical device allows its owners to interchange different elements such as a microphone, speaker, GPS, touch screen, and any other feature a phone might get. The concept resembles a Lego toy. People get a lot of bricks with different functionalities with which they can construct personalized gadgets.

The New Concept Can Be Viewed as a Great Solution to Durability and Keeping Up with Latest Trends

Modular hardware is also a good solution to make smartphones durable. With present products, users have to invest in a whole new product as soon as a particular element in their smartphones goes rogue. However, the innovative concept allows people just to change the broken part with a new one and continue using their favorite gadget.

The same strategy applies for enabling the same gadget to keep up with the latest trends. People would be able to change their old modules with new, better or more fashionable ones. The only stable component is the frame that should have only durable materials.

Google launched a similar project. The codename was Project Ara, and the works developed so far that the company was on the brink of introducing their new smartphone to the market this year. However, the plans were canceled last minute, with no official statement to explain such a decision.
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