This Halloween, Comic-Con Revealed the Resurgence of “Stranger Things”

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Comic-Con managed to resurface audiences’ ardent feelings for one of Netflix’s most popular productions, namely “Stranger Things.” The TV series charmed everyone with an exquisite cast selection, a smart, powerful, and cute group of friends that gets mixed up in an entangled alien story. The retro-horror kept Comic-Con participants at the edge of their seats with the first trailer for season two. The show will start rolling out this Halloween, just in time to spook out viewers with new creatures of the Upside Down.

Season Two of Stranger Things Reveals Eleven Is Alive and Ready to Help Her Friends Once More

Many “Stranger Things” fans were under the impression that one season is enough to end the story of the kid gang and their adult friends in great style. However, Comic-Con event confirmed rumors of the second part for this production. The trailer is right out of oven and starts with the beloved kids having a great time playing an arcade game with childish excitement. However, something strange starts happening.

Nonetheless, the best news the public received despite the general gloomy and terrifying atmosphere in the trailer was that Eleven is back! The team behind the popular TV show is giving one of their most successful characters a second chance to lend more depth to her back story and personality. Eleven earned Millie Bobby Brown one of the six Emmy nominations that the Netflix cast received.

Producers Need to Serve This Halloween Audience with Fresh Content to Win Their Hearts Again

All in all, the official trailer makes the second season a great fit for an apparition on this Halloween. The main theme is Michael Jackson’s Thriller that sets a discomfortable mood for Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and everyone that loves him. It seems that the kid hasn’t truly escaped the Upside Down universe, even though he was rescued from that dreadful territory.

However, season two of “Stranger Things” has much to live up to. The success isn’t granted by the sheer presence of nostalgia, yet the story has to develop other electrifying ramifications to dive audience deeper into this fictional universe. However, the trailer showed the same genuine chemistry between the kids that won fans over in the first place. Together with their new adventures, the show has a lot of chances to continue its series of successes.
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