Large Wildfires Engulfed Popular Tourist Coast French Riviera

wildfire in forest
At least 1,000 firefighters have been working ceaselessly to put down the wildfires that swallowed the French Riviera. The coast is a popular destination for tourists and many of them had to abandon their vacation plans to stay safe instead. As a consequence, around 12,000 people evacuated the area leaving a dark smoke behind.

Prime Minister Philippe Personally Traveled to French Riviera to Assist the Operations

On Monday, hundreds of firefighters started operating water retardants and airplanes to put an end on the wildfires that plundered the southern Cote d’Azur coast. Unfortunately, the damages extended to the Mediterranean forests as well. After three days of an out of control wrath, large portions of forest were turned to ashes. The blazes ruined 250 trailer homes, several vehicles, a workshop, and a barn. However, the prefect of the Var region confirmed that there are no casualties.

On Wednesday, the wildfires traveled with the help of the Mistral winds to La Londe-Les Maures seizing dense forests near the hilltop town of Bormes-Les-Mimosas. As a consequence, thousands of residents and tourists were evacuated immediately. Around 60 persons had to leave the land by boat. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe visited the site from Bormes to assess the devastated area and talk with firefighting staff.

“The situation remains difficult, I must say it. Like me, you feel the wind is blowing.”

Around 1,000 Firefighters Carried out 100 Operations to Estinguish Wildfires

The blaze appeared at the peak of the summer season. Therefore, the summer tourism took a big hit due to this incident. When it comes to coasts and beaches, local economies are highly dependent on holiday goers. The social media played an aiding role in this situation again. For instance, the town of Bormes posted on Twitter an appeal for towel donations to comfort the evacuees in the local gymnasium.

The wildfires started on Monday along the Mediterranean coast in France. Around 1,000 firefighters were needed for 100 operations that took place in three days. However, the teams on site admitted that the blazes are too powerful to be contained without additional help. Hundreds of reinforcements came to their aid even from countries near France, yet there are not many transportation means to transfer all workforce.
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