Game of Thrones Season 8 Might Reveal Dany as a Proud Mother to Jon’s Baby

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As Dany had the courtesy of reminding fans of the show for several times, the mother of dragons can’t bear babies. That’s because she gave up a chance to motherhood to witch Mirri Maz Duur in order to see her husband Khal Drogo come back to life. However, many events took place in the meantime that might have dispelled this curse. Jon Snow himself tells Dany not to be so confident in the words of a witch. Therefore, she might become the proud mother of Snow’s son.

The Prophecy that Impairs Dany from Becoming a Proud Mother Hold True so Far

The finale of season seven of Game of Thrones opened another taboo chapter where aunt Daenerys receives her nephew Jon Snow in her chamber for some spicy moments. However, the two of them are unaware that same blood is running through their veins.

Instead, they enjoy the moment they have been long dreaming of. In the heat of the moment and based on Daenerys’s belief that she cannot be with child, there are chances that the two of them went all in without protection.

However, how can Dany’s destiny prove her wrong considering that the prophecy holds true so far? Daenerys had her son Rhaego with Khal Drogo stillborn. Afterwards, she engaged in numerous presumably unprotected sexy moments with her previous lover, Daario Naharis.

However, these experiences did not yield any heirs of her legacy. Therefore, all clues point out that Daenerys can’t have successors.

If Daenerys and Snow Have a Child Together, He Might Be the True Pricen that Was Promised

Nonetheless, her special bond with Jon Snow is more than just pure flame of passion. The history of their family connects them at a higher level. On top of that, Jon is no longer just a human as he defeated death. Maybe he traveled to the land where the Mirri Maz Duur’s prophecy became true.

“When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east when the seas go dry, and mountains blow in the wind like leaves, when your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child.”

Another theory suggests that Daenerys losing one of her dragons which are in fact her children could have dispelled her pregnancy curse. No matter the reason why season 8 might reveal Dany as a proud mother, the child will likely stir up the political theater. While he will be seen as a bastard, he also might become the Prince that Was Promised instead of his parents.
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