Labor Board Serves Tesla with Complaint over Work Conditions

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The official U.S. office that guards the law of labor filed a complaint against Tesla Inc. on Thursday. The labor board claimed in these documents that they found reasons to side with Tesla’s workers. The employees of the electric carmaker are not content with the labor practices that their employer forced them to.

Tesla Employees Are Bound by Contract to Not Discuss Work Conditions with Outside World

According to the National Labor Relations Board, Tesla doesn’t respect employees’ rights. The company forces workers to sign a confidentiality contract. While this practice is common across businesses to protect their intellectual property, Tesla adds in these documents an additional clause.

This particular condition discloses the legal liability workers expose themselves to if they reveal anything about their work conditions to the outside world. Therefore, it was hard for authorities to inform themselves on any safety issues that dwell within Tesla facility in Fremont, California.

The labor board has also investigated claims coming from Tesla employees that their rights under the federal labor law are further violated. Such complaints suggested that managers usually resort to intimidation and harassment at this facility. On the other hand, the company denied any of such allegations.

“These allegations, which have been filed by the same contingent of union organizers who have been so outspoken with media, are entirely without merit.”

The Labor Board Summoned Tesla Representatives to a Hearing on November 14

Nonetheless, Tesla Inc. has to issue a formal response to the NLRB complaint before the deadline of September 14. Afterwards, the two parties will participate in a hearing process on November 14 in front of a law judge in Oakland, California.

Despite their binding contract, three Tesla employees made the first step in attempting to improve work conditions at their job. As a result, the United Auto Workers union heard about their case and reached out to help them. Driven by their example, several other workers got the courage to enter the union and demand better professional conditions.
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