Xbox One Users Will Soon Be Able to Play Their Games with Keyboard, Mouse Controls

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Microsoft described the eighth generation of video game consoles, Xbox One, as “all-in-one entertainment system.” However, owners of such a platform miss the comfort with some games that keyboard and mouse controls can bring. They’ve been requesting for a long time to unlock such features in a gaming product that claims it has it all. However, the manufacturer is finally ready to make their wish come true.

Microsoft Has to Collaborate with Developers and Studios Closely to Make Keyboard, Mouse Controls Reality

Xbox Director Mike Ybarra has recently announced during a PAX West panel that their latest console would soon receive some juicy updates. All these regard the first Xbox One games that will come with support for keyboard and mouse. On top of that, Ybarra underlined that the company has been developing the right plan for such a major update for a long time now.

However, this wasn’t an easy journey for Microsoft. The majority of people might regard the support for peripheral tools as easy as a plug and play game. However, the efforts that were required under the closed curtains were extensive.

On top of that, Microsoft will have to develop this project to cover its partners as well. Each of the studios and developers that work with Microsoft has to receive and apply instructions on how to add the latest features. If they don’t go through with it step by step, customers might have to deal with imbalance issues instead of enjoying themselves.

The New Update Might Undermine the Community Spirit within Multiplayer Games

There are other problems at hand that might heavily affect the community spirit of certain games. For instance, those who unlock their keyboard and mouse controls would be able of greater flexibility during multiplayer sessions. Therefore, they would gain leverage other those who play via a GamePad and render biased results only.

As a result, Microsoft thought of instructing developers to offer players the opportunity to choose what kind of opponents to play with or against. This way, both teams will remain with equal chances to win the match. Only time will tell how developers are going to fend off these pitfalls. For the moment, the release date for this update remains unknown.
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