Not Even the Father of Windows Uses the Windows Phone

It’s official: Windows mobile can finally rest in peace. The potential last Windows phone user and Windows architect Bill Gates no longer uses a Windows phone.

The billionaire recently announced that he switched to an Android handset with tons of Microsoft software on it. He wouldn’t tell what model of phone he is now using. Unlike Windows phones, Android phones had a sizable market share worldwide (80%). In its good days, Windows phone had just 0.1% of market share.

Gates’ company is now working on building software for its former competitors’ iOS and Android systems, with a major focus on productivity apps. When he switched phone brands, the Microsoft co-founder said iPhones were not an option.

Apple Products Banned in Gates’ Home

In 2009, Gates barred his wife and children from using Apple products. At the time, his wife Melinda, who broke the news to the press, said she envied her friends over their iPhones.

The couple’s three children were not allowed to use any Apple products in the family’s home. Melinda noted that there were very few items on the list of forbidden things, and iPhones and iPods were two of them.

‘But iPods and iPhones are two things we don’t get for our kids,’

Mrs. Gates told reporters.

She admitted, however, that she wouldn’t mind having her own iPhone, “every now and then.” Her husband’s company had a monopoly over the technology market for decades. But over the last years, Apple became more and more popular with flagship products like the iPhone, Mac, or iPod.

The rumor mill has it that there was a years-long feud between Gates and Apple’s late boss Steve Jobs. In public, though, the duo seemed to be friends.

The Microsoft boss abandoned his role of CEO at Microsoft to focus more on the work he is conducting with his wife at the world’s largest charity, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Image Source: Wikimedia

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