Debunking the Flat-Earth Conspiracy Theory

Earth as seen from spaceAfter rapper B.o.B went to GoFundMe to raise cash to prove that the Earth is flat and that there is a huge government-funded conspiracy to tell people otherwise, the flat-Earth conspiracy theory landed in the limelight.

Earlier this year, the singer tweeted a photo of himself in front of two cities’ skylines in the background. He wondered where was the “curve” if the two cities sat a 16-mile distance from one another.

B.o.B., however, is not the only individual who thinks that the Earth is flat. He is part of a group called the “flat-earthers.” According to their theory, the world is flat, the North Pole lies at the center and Antarctica acts like a wall around the disc we’re all sitting on. Flat-Earthers also believe that the man never made it to space (due to harmful space radiation) and the NASA pictures showing a round Earth are all doctored.

Show Him the Curve

B.o.B. wants to see if the theory holds water but he needs funding so he launched a campaign called “Show BoB The Curve.” He told fans that he wants to raise money to launch a fleet of satellites into space. The final goal is $1 million, with the rapper shelling out $1,000.

Scientists think that he could save a lot of cash by trying some cost-effective experiments here on Earth. One could prove the planet is round by watching a lunar eclipse, for instance.

A moon eclipse occurs when the Earth gets positioned between the Sun and the Moon. One can see the Earth’s shadow projected onto the surface of the Moon and gradually engulfing it. With a non-professional telescope, B.o.B. could observe a shaded arc, which is the edge of our planet.

B.o.B. could also try one more thing. He could attach a camera to a special balloon kit and let it fly into space and back. Balloon kits can be purchased from Sent into Space for $259.9, but it is worth the price removing any trace of doubt from flat-earthers’ hearts.
Image Source: Pixabay

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