Obesity Behind 40% of Cancers, CDC Finds

Obesity in AmericaThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that eating disorders and the extra weight do not affect only your waistband. The agency found that 40% of cancer causes can be traced back to being overweight or obese.

In the U.S., two thirds of the adult population are either overweight or obese. The head of the CDC Brenda Fitzgerald noted that because Americans have so much issues with weight control, the fact that obesity and being overweight can lead to cancer, the recent findings should be a reason for concern.

The link between cancer and obesity is little known among the general population. In 2014, around 630,000 cancer cases were associated with being obese. While the number of cancers not linked to obesity has dropped in recent years, obesity-linked cancers jumped 7 percent, according to CDC.

More than a half of female cancer patients had the disease because they were overweight or obese. Only 24 percent of men had cancer because of that. The risk of developing cancer because of obesity jumps after the age 50, researchers found and drops again after age 74.

World’s Deadliest Cancers Linked to Obesity

According to International Agency for Research on Cancer, the cancers most frequently linked to obesity or extra weight are cancers of the thyroid, multiple myeloma (a cancer of plasma cells), some types of esophagus cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, gallbladder cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, ovaries cancer, pancreas cancer, uterus cancer, rectum and colorectal cancers.

Colorectal, breast, ovarian, kidney, pancreatic, and liver cancers are the most fatal cancers on the list.

CDC researchers urged healthcare providers to help their patients lose weight, by educating them on a healthy lifestyle. The woman who leads the CDC’s division of Cancer Prevention and Control, Lisa C. Richardson said she tells her patients that the best prevention to cancer is “good health.”
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