Several Patients of Royal Cornwall Hospitals Died of Prolonged Waiting Time

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Inspectors started handling Cornwall’s main NHS hospital differently for some time now. They received concerning notifications regarding patient treatments. The worst part about this alerting situation led to fatal consequences. A catalog of system failures uncovered cases of people dying due to prolonged waiting time to receive their treatment.

Prolonged Waiting Time for Royal Cornwall Patients Was Linked to Deadly Side Effects

Care Quality Commission released possibly one of their most tragic studies. The report assessed the performance of the safety and care standards that the chain of Royal Cornwall Hospitals provides. The results were disheartening for the medical world.

The commission found numerous ways through which patients were harmed even before seeing a doctor. For instance, people at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro usually have to wait for a while before they receive treatment.

However, this repetitive issue led to serious side effects. For instance, doctors had to cancel key cancer operations at times. Others failed to administer on time antibiotics to patients with fatal infection sepsis.

During their visit in July, CQC inspectors discovered further irregularities even with surgical, maternity, and cardiac services. Naturally, authorities followed up their findings with a series of warnings. However, the hospital leadership chose to ignore these notifications. Therefore, management ordered no improvements whatsoever.

Since December 2016, 554 Royal Cornwall hospital clients with heart conditions had their appointments delayed considerably. Inspectors identified two of these cases that ended with cardiac-related deaths. On top of that, there are other 150 in pending cases.

Similarly, 6,503 people with sight issues were put on prolonged waiting time despite their appointments with their doctors. The report found that four of them ended up with partial or complete blindness. There is further evidence that the hospital staff was overwhelmed. They couldn’t cope with the flow of patients and the management of operating rooms.

The CQC Commission Might Affiliate the Hospital to a Well-Run Trust

The chief inspector at CQC, Prof Ted Baker, claimed that employees were ‘caring and compassionate.’  On the other hand, Royal Cornwall hospitals still suffer from an ongoing weak performance. Management showed lack of initiative in deploying improvements for their standard routines.

“The time has now come to bring in external support.”

Following the report, Baker decided to take control of the situation to serve the interests of patients better. Therefore, the commission is expected to come up with a plan. There might be talks of a merger with a well-run trust.

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