Two White Tiger Cubs Found Their Killer Instincts Bringing Death to New Zookeeper

tiger cubsThe safari park of the Bannerghatta Biological Park near Bangalore, India hired Anjaneya aged 40 as the new zookeeper last week. The institution offers a marvelous opportunity for visitors to witness how rare wild animals behave in their natural habitat. One of their most prized specimens is the white tiger. The new employee was about to feed two such cubs on Saturday evening when the felines clawed him to death.

The 40-Year-Old Zookeeper Accepted to Help His Superior Despite Stepping Outside His Responsibilities

The safari park death sparked national uproar as a possible case of professional negligence. One of the senior zoo employees named Hucchegowda was the one who asked Anjaneya to help him. However, the task was outside his temporary responsibilities. As the manager had his junior staff member on leave, he turned to the new employee for help. This is how an inexperienced person came to feed a group of wild animals.

Therefore, the new zookeeper proceeded to the location of white tigers at the insistence of his manager. Safari employees are usually feeding the animals after the visitor schedule ends at 5 p.m. However, Anjaneya didn’t realize that he had entered the cage while the animals were still in it.

The Two White Tiger Cubs Were the First to Attack the Man

Soorya which is a specimen that MLA Ashok Kheny adopted was on site together with its two white tiger cubs named Jhansi Rani and Vanya. Both of them are one and a half year old. One of the cubs caught sight of the stranger and immediately leaped on him. The animal bit Anjaneya’s neck. The second cub joined in.

The new zookeeper started screaming which alerted all tigers. The others began attacking him. Eventually, the animals dragged the man out into the safari park. Nobody was able to save Anjaneya as he died due to critical injuries.

The rules of the institution don’t allow new staff members to carry out tasks within enclosures. On the other hand, the executive director of BBP, Santosh Kumar, claimed that Anjaneya was under a manager’s supervision. The animals attacked the senior employee as well. However, he managed to get cover in a safe place. Nonetheless, authorities will continue their investigation on the case.

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