Amazon Encourages Teens to Shop on Their Mom and Dad’s Cash

Teen in front of a laptopAmazon plans to launch a new service that will enable teenagers to use their mom and dad’s online account to do the shopping. However, parents will still be able to pre-approve each purchase.

Teenagers aged 13 to 17 will be able to access the mobile app and add a link to their parent’s account. Parents will be able to approve in advance each purchase (they’ll be notified via email or text), establish a spending limit, or pre-approve all orders automatically.

Regardless of their option, they’ll receive a detailed receipt for every item their kids have bought on their dime.

Amazon Households’ VP Michael Carr said he is the parent of a teen too so he is aware kids strive for independence, but that needs to be paired with parent’s need for trust and convenience.

When buying an item on their parent’s expense, teens can add a short description to the order explaining the purchase e.g. “This is a sweater for Tom’s B-day”. If parents aren’t happy with the order, they can cancel it in 30 minutes.

Amazon Focuses on Prime Services

The new service also entices teens to shop via their parent’s Prime Accounts as they can gain access to Amazon’s gaming service and other perks.

Nevertheless, parents are allowed to keep some of the personal info private such as credit card data and browsing and purchase histories. The kids won’t be able to access this info from their own accounts.

Bloomberg confirmed that the kids will be able to access the Prime benefits their parents are entitled to like free shipping, video streaming, and gaming.

Gizmodo noted that the new service is just a safer way for allowing teens to shop online on their parents’ credit cards, with parents having much more control over the purchases.
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