Con Man Targeted Richard Branson for a $5 Million Bounty

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Richard Branson is one of the few successful persons in the world who claim they are not motivated by money. However, it is not a swell experience to have your hard-earned money stolen away from you either. The English philanthropist told a story on his blog about a con man who tried to trick him out of $5 million. Branson described the event as similar to a ‘James Bond film.’

A Con Man Tried to Convince Branson to Pay $5 Million Ransom for a Fictional Kidnapping

This week Richard Branson recounted on his blog how he almost lost a fortune. Six months ago, Branson’s assistant got a note that resembled an official government document. The sender was supposedly British Secretary of Defense Sir Michael Fallon. The message invited Brandon to an emergency phone call.

The Virgin Group founder decided to take the call. After he contacted the number given in the note, he was told that a group of terrorists is holding a British envoy hostage. The person on the phone urged Branson to help the British government in this matter.

According to the man on the phone, the British law doesn’t allow the government to take care of ransoms. However, when the situation calls for it, officials can turn to businesspersons of British nationality for help. Therefore, Richard Branson was urged to save the life of a British diplomat by paying $5 million.

Branson recalled that the man sounded exactly like Sir Michael Fallon himself. However, this short-sighted identification wasn’t enough for him.

Therefore, he proceeded to call the Prime Minister’s residence, and he obtained a phone call with Sir Fallon’s assistant. The official assured Branson that the government had reported no kidnaping and that Fallon had not called him.

This is how Branson realized that he had been talking to a con man on the phone. The businessman reported another incident that took place after Hurricane Irma. A renowned entrepreneur contacted Branson to ask him when he would deliver the money.

Branson’s Post Raises Awareness about Scammers

Branson learned that a person impersonated him to ask for $2 million to organize help for the British Virgin Islands. The deceiver explained that he couldn’t reach his U.K. bank to access his own resources. However, the unnamed businessman didn’t perceive the request as a scam, and he made the transfer. He never recovered the money.

Branson finished his blog post by portraying these two tales as a warning for everyone. There are still scammers out there. Anyone who suspects something fishy should contact authorities immediately.

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