Couriers Will Use the Amazon Key Whenever Clients in This New Program Are Not Home

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Amazon returns with a controversial product after the company promised to find a way to avoid abandoning boxes on porches. This outdated solution to deal with absent clients led to a new type of burglary called porch pirates. On top of that, the packages are always vulnerable to bad weather conditions until customers return home. Therefore, the giant retailer is the first to introduce couriers to a universal key, called Amazon Key.

Amazon Prime Clients Will Need the New Cloud Cam and a Smart Lock to Set the New Delivery System in Place

The idea of letting strangers in through the front door has been a frightening one so far. However, Amazon intends to change this conception by differentiating couriers and other service workers from burglars.

The new product speaks to busy Millennials who can’t reach their house solely to supervise workers or receive a package. However, technology can help them do all these remotely.

To set up the security system, people need the new Cloud Cam from Amazon and a smart lock compatible to the camera. The cam connects to the internet so the household should always have an active Wi-Fi connection.

The camera communicates with the smart lock through a wireless protocol called Zigbee. However, consumers need to also be Amazon Prime clients in order to request couriers with access to their homes.

Couriers will scan a barcode when nobody is home. The Amazon’s cloud will review the request to see if everything checks out. Once the permission is granted, the camera will start recording. The courier will open the front door by swiping the screen on their special app. They drop off the package then leave locking the door with another swipe.

The Amazon Key Will Let Other Third Party Companies Perform Their Services While Clients Are Away

Clients will get notifications the moment their delivery is at their door. After the drop off is completed, they will receive a video recording of how the delivery went.

However, not only Amazon couriers will be able to get through the front door. Third party companies will be able to enter homes and perform services under the supervision of the Cloud Cam.

The security camera is available for preorder now for Prime customers only. The entire delivery system has to be fully functioning by November 8.

Image source: Amazon

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