United Airlines Offers Customers the Longest Daily Flight

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The traveling landscape is slated to take a swift turn. Behind this major change are Elon Musk and his dream to swap airplanes with rockets. Moreover, there are ongoing tests on the first commercial concept for a supersonic jet. While none of these plans are close to a market representation, the U.S. airlines are still battling in traditional races. For instance, United Airlines reached the top as of recently with its new longest daily flight. These courses are non-stop and go to or from the United States.

The Longest Daily Flight Will Host 250 Customers aboard a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Last week, regulators finally approved an ambitious plan for United Airlines. The airport will coordinate the longest non-stop flight from the United States. The trip measures 8,700 miles and will consist of the route between Los Angeles and Singapore.

Such a mission lasts around 18 hours which is almost an hour longer than the San Francisco flight. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft supports both these flights. The choice of airplane comes with a passenger capacity of 250 seats.

The United Airlines’ move dethroned Qantas. The flag carrier of Australia used to control the longest non-stop flight to or from U.S. that covered 8,500 miles. The trip in question takes place between Dallas and Sydney.

However, the United Airlines earned the top spot with the longest daily flight that a U.S. carrier has ever operated. On top of that, some suspect that the same route might the longest flying time ever clocked by a global airline.

Singapore Airlines Might Dethrone United Airlines in 2018

At the moment, the title for the longest flight in the world remains controversial. Qatar Airways disputes this title with its flight between Doha and Auckland, New Zealand.

The straight route measures 9,032 miles. Nonetheless, the company claimed that they included detours in their route to take advantage of tailwinds. Through this trick, the trip takes two hours less than the straight route.

Therefore, it is not yet sure if Air India with its Delhi – San Francisco route is the runner-up or not as it covers 9,389 miles. In the meantime, United Airlines might not get to hold the title as the first U.S. carrier with longest daily flight for long. Singapore Airlines is considering reopening its route from Singapore to New York next year.

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