Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements Are Ineffective In Strengthening Bones (Study)

Recent study confirms there is no correlation between vitamin D supplements and lower risk of bone fractures.

Scientists have concluded that calcium and Vitamin D supplements do not strengthen bones.

A recent study has debunked the long-standing notion that vitamin and mineral supplements can lower the risk of bone fractures. Researchers sifted through existing medical records for evidence that calcium and vitamin D pills can strengthen bones and apparently, no link between the two exists.

Researchers of the study sifted through data obtained out of 33 previous trials consisting of more than 50 thousand people aged 50 or older who were not admitted to a nursing home or other institution. The results revealed that there was no difference in fracture risk among people who either received no treatment, a placebo pill, vitamin D supplements, calcium supplements or any combination of the medication.

Previous studies that focused on the severity and prevalence of bone fractures in older people have found that over 40 percent of older women will have at least one “major osteoporotic fracture”. According to the studies, this can happen at any point in their lives. 20 percent out of those who break a hip had died within a year of their injury.

For this study, however, Dr. Jia-Guo Zhao, a researcher in the department of orthopedic surgery at Tianjin Hospital in China and lead author of the study, looked at data from clinical trials that assigned random people to take vitamin D or calcium. This was either prescribed as a standalone supplement or as a combination of the two. Other participants received a placebo or no treatment at all.

When it comes to bone fractures, Zhao and his team of researchers focused on hip fractures, spinal fractures or other types of broken bones. The findings showed a lack of association between either supplement and fracture risk in both men and women.

Zhao and his team recommend changing or improving one’s existing lifestyle including work-out frequency and adjusting diets to prevent or improve the bone condition. The study was published in the journal, JAMA.

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