The Final Days Of Harvey Weinstein: Anger, Acceptance and Deleted Records

Last days of Harvey Weinstein were reportedly chaotic.

Harvey Weinstein reportedly oscillated between anger and acceptance before he was exposed.

Harvey Weinstein’s downfall is still echoing across the Hollywood industry. The news of his numerous sexual misconducts including assault and rape have had a national and international impact. According to a recent piece on Weinstein, his final days before the New Yorker and New York Times exposed his behavior were chaotic.

After hearing of the planned exposes, Weinstein reportedly assembled a legal team of professionals. Among them were celebrity lawyer, Lisa Bloom, communications strategist, Matthew Hiltzik, who worked for Weinstein’s Miramax until 2005,  a political consultant of his, Lanny Davis, former sex-crimes prosecutor and novelist, Linda Fairstein, and Charles Harder, an attorney who most recently represented Trump in an attempt to stop Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury.

According to the piece, Weinstein thought he could contain the situation, with his behavior reportedly oscillating between anger and acceptance”.

“To some, he appeared obsessed with seeking revenge. As one T.W.C executive put it, “Harvey’s concern was who did him in, not what he had done.”

Weinstein also allegedly tried to destroy one document which contained a list of names of 63 women broken down by location: New York, Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, and Cannes, France. It was not specified if the women in the “HW friend” document were Weinstein’s victims.

Frank Gil, who was The Weinstein Co.’s vice president of human resources at the time, made a trip to the company’s headquarters and also to a facility that housed Dimension Films and may have deleted personnel files, according to several sources.

Investigators and company officials acknowledged the possibility that Gil could have deleted portions of Weinstein’s personnel file. According to the sources, there was missing material from 2016 to 2017.

TWC head of publicity, Nicole Quenqua, recalled how Weinstein appeared to be unaffected by the upcoming expose after he angrily confided in her about the situation.

“I didn’t anything wrong. I mean, I might have done some things that are immoral. But I didn’t do anything that was illegal,” Weinstein allegedly said.

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