Ancient Artifacts Revealed by Melting Norwegian Glaciers

glaciers in mountains of norway

The melting glaciers of Norway have been revealing ancient artifacts.

It’s not often climate change can be held responsible for something good happening in the world, but this seems to be the case after over 2,000 ancient artifacts were uncovered inside melting Norwegian glaciers.

Melting Glaciers Expose Ancient Artifacts in Norway

In Norway’s Oppland Mountains, the ever-present ice along the peaks has begun to melt. As a result, thousands of historical artifacts are being uncovered within these glaciers.

These finds date back as far as the Iron and Bronze Ages. This makes them some of the earliest remains of human society uncovered, with many of them in good condition due to being preserved by the ice.

Among the artifacts discovered were a variety of hunting implements like wooden traps and arrows, as well as cloth and other basic tools. The Department of Cultural Heritage and several surrounding universities (who are also responsible for the excavation) conducted radiocarbon dating.

Thanks to this, it has been discovered that specific time periods contained more substantial amounts of artifacts. This seems to suggest different habits and patterns in human development. It also indicates the presence of disease at different times.

One of the most interesting pieces of information these finds have allowed the researchers to infer is related to the ancient humans‘ own dealings with changing climate.

Based on the frequency of objects found in different areas, it is thought that the people of the region would migrate to warmer regions during times of extreme cold. What’s more, they seemed to return during periods of hotter weather.

This isn’t entirely good news, though. The melting process itself, while allowing archaeologists to make many new discoveries and better understand early humans of the region, is a danger to many of the delicate artifacts.

As the Norwegian glaciers melt, they risk permanently damaging or destroying many of the treasures held inside them. It’s for this reason that researchers will need to work quickly to make as many discoveries as they can without wasting a moment.

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