Video Game World Record Holder Loses Title after 35 Years

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A video game world record holder just lost his title as it was withdrawn after 35 years.

One of the oldest gaming records has been withdrawn after 35 years, according to Twin Galaxies, the official record keeper of the video game world.


Player Todd Rogers lost his world record for finishing Dragster, a video game, in 5.51 seconds. His title was withdrawn on account of a debate over the impossibility of this completion time.


Along with the title withdrawal, Twin Galaxies also removed all of Todd Rogers’ scores and banned him from their competitive leaderboards.


The institution notified Guinness World Records of the decision, as announced in a forum post. The Twin Galaxies representatives wrote:


“We were not there, cannot find any of the evidentiary materials they used at the time to confirm the score, and could not find anyone who would on-the-record testify that they directly saw the evidence that was presented to Activision.”


More than two weeks ago, a member of Twin Galaxies, Dick Moreland, officially opened the dispute which led to the record being withdrawn.


Moreland later proved that completing the game in less than 5.57 seconds is impossible. He analyzed the game’s software and concluded that the record time was not technically achievable.


However, in August 2017, internal testing showed that the lowest possible time of completing Dragster was of 5.54 seconds. Still, this did not legitimize Rogers’ supposed record of 5.51 seconds.


There Was No Proof to Support this Video Game World Record


Todd Rogers submitted his record to Activision in 1982 through an official fan newsletter containing a Polaroid photo. Back then, he received a patch as a reward.


In 2001, both Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records awarded Rogers for the record. The player was also awarded for holding the world’s longest standing record for gaming in April 2017.


However, Rogers did not provide a recording or other proof of his 5.51 completion time. There is a brief explanation of the record on the player’s blog.


Still, this could not fight with the factual and empirical evidence which drew Twin Galaxies towards taking this decision. Furthermore, the original Polaroid photo remains missing.


At the time of publication, Todd Rogers did not offer any comment on the withdrawal of his video game world record. This record is now held by Greg Degeneffe, Bailey Chestnut, Glen Sampson, and Roger Edwin Blair, all four achieving a score of 5.57 seconds.


Image Source: Wikimedia

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