Non-Stick Pans Should Be Avoided If You Want To Lose Weight (Study)

Several non-stick pans.

A link between non-stick pans and weight gain may have been established in a new paper.

Those who want their food to remain intact as it browns usually use non-stick pans, mainly because the cookware’s coating allows for food to cook without sticking to the surface. While preparing food is a lot easier thanks to these pans, researchers believe the cookware may be causing more harm than good.

According to a study published in the journal, PLOS Medicine, people who use non-stick pans to prepare their food may gain extra weight.

In order for the discovery to be made possible, researchers from Harvard University examined 621 overweight individuals who participated in a six-month weight loss plan. After more than a year, the researchers discovered that the participants had gained back almost half the weight they had lost during the program.

According to the study, the people with the highest levels of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) were the ones who had gained more weight. The PFAS traces and their effects were prevalent among women, the researchers found. Women with the highest levels of PFAS chemicals in their systems had gained about five pounds more than those with lower PFAS levels.

PFAS are man-made chemicals which used to make products more waterproof, stain-resistant or nonstick. The chemicals are most commonly used on pots, pans, some fast food wrappers, and popcorn bags.

“These findings suggest that environmental chemicals may play a role in the current obesity epidemic.” The researchers wrote.

The study was unable to find a reason for the weight gain in people with traces of PFAS, however, it pointed to a lower resting metabolic rate in those with higher levels of PFAS. This meant that the individuals would burn fewer calories throughout the day while doing normal activities.

The researchers acknowledged that further study needs to be conducted to better assess whether there is a link between PFAS exposure and weight gain.

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