Meghan Markle is Similar to Princess Diana in Many Ways, Royal Butler Says

prince harry and meghan markle dressed for winter

Some consider that Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s soon to be wife, resembles his late mother.

It seems that Prince Harry’s future wife, former actress Meghan Markle resembles the late Princess Diana more than some might imagine. Now, she is trying to create her own spot within the royal family.

In just two months time, Harry and Meghan will marry. She is reportedly doing everything she can to say goodbye to civilian life and embrace her royal status.

On Monday, she had her first official appearance alongside Queen Elizabeth II. This is a huge step forward and proof that Meghan is slowly becoming an essential part of the royal family.

Now, according to Grant Harrold, Meghan Markle has a more modern approach to royalty. He is well known as the “Royal Butler”, and the United Kingdom’s etiquette expert.

Harrold collaborated with the royal family up until 2011. He said that when Meghan stopped to hug a little girl during a recent appearance, she reminded him of Princess Diana.

Even if what she did was very sweet, it’s not something that a member of the royal family would typically do. Princess Diana was also famous for hugging people wherever she went.  


Meghan Markle and Her Modern Approach to Royalty 


Princess Diana actually started this, and no other member of the royal family would do it during her time. However, times have changed. Sometimes, even Prince William or Prince Harry can be seen embracing people during their visits. It’s maybe an inheritance from their mother and now, Meghan Markle seems to want to carry it on.  

Apart from this, Harrold says that she will no longer be allowed to sign autographs and to pose for selfies. This is something that an actress usually does. After May 19th, everyone will be looking at every detail of her life.

Because of this, Meghan Markle will have to be extra careful. Also, unlike Duchess Kate, who was born and grew up in the United Kingdom, as an American, Meghan Markle might be at a disadvantage. 

Image source: Wikimedia 

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