Melbourne Robber Gets Caught in Glass Sliding Door, Trips Over Escalator

Melbourne Robber with safe on the run

A Melbourne robber managed to steal a bookshop’s safe.

The Melbourne authorities are currently on the lookout for an individual who allegedly walked away with a bookstore’s safe on Thursday. A security camera captured the Melbourne robber tripping over escalators, climbing, and trying to tough out the heavy safe on his way out.

Melbourne Robber Seen Leaving with Bookstore’s Safe in Arms

According to the Melbourne Crime Unit, on Thursday, around midnight, the authorities were called to a bookstore located on Collins Street, after a security guard declared that the store was broken into and the safe vanished.

Upon reviewing the security footage, the authorities stumbled upon a scene, considerably humorous, were it not so severe. Outside the bookstore, the cameras capture an individual wearing a grey hoodie and tracksuit pants looking towards the front door as if he expected someone.

At one point, the individual can be seen trying to pry open the glass doors with his bare hands and to force his way in. He partially succeeds getting inside but got his backpack and leg caught in the glass doors.

Next, the security camera reveals that the individual stops for a moment place both hands on doors and manages to yank himself out.

Once inside the bookstore, the Melbourne thief can be seen hurrying towards the safe’s location, only to trip on the escalader. However, this does not seem to dissuade him, as the man quickly gets back on his feet, climbs the railing, and reaches the room where the safe’s stored.

After literally lifting the safe with his bare arms, the Melbourne thief heads to another exit smashes another glass door and runs away. Another security camera shows him struggling to keep his balance with the safe in hands.

The Crime Investigation Unit has made the videos public to identify and apprehend the thief.

Image source: Flickr

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