Trial Begins for Kenner Murderer Who Dismembered Ex-Lover’s New Boyfriend

Kenner Murderer in Swamp

The Kenner murderer drove around with his victim’s dismembered body in the trunk and later disposed of them in a swamp.

This Monday, the jury has gathered to analyze the evidence and to pass judgement in the case of Viusqui J. Perez-Espinoza, a 45-year-old Cuban nation, who arrived in the United States several years ago to work at a local fishery company. The man is accused of killing his ex-lover’s boyfriend, chopping up his body, and discarding the part in a swap area.

Kenner Murderer Worked as a Bucher in Cuba

According to the court documents, Perez-Espinoza has been involved in a love affair with a 53-year-woman from Kenner. However, back in September, the woman decided to end the relationship, motiving that she couldn’t stand Perez-Espinoza’s jealousy. The man also had to move out of the apartment he shared with the woman.

Pondering on his course of action, the Kenner murderer met a Honduras nation, 27-year-old Ives Alex Portales-Lara at the company he has been employed since he immigrated in the United States.

The two of them became friends after a short while. At one point, the prosecutors proved that Perez-Espinoza convinced his co-worker to move in with the woman, as the bills were too much for her.

He agreed with Perez-Espinoza’s proposition. After a while, the Kenner murderer convinced that the woman wanted him back into her life asked Portales-Lara to move in with them, unbeknownst to him that they were having an affair.

After finding out the painful truth, the man raped his former girlfriend and killed his love rival. Fearing that he might be discovered by the authorities, the Kenner murderer chopped up his body, stuffed the parts in his car’s trunk, drove around the city, and dumped the body parts in the swamp.

Up till now, the authorities were able to recover the man’s hands, feet, and torso, with the head still missing. If found guilty, the man could receive the death penalty or spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Image source: Pixabay

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