Woman Gets Arrested for Trying to Smuggle Meth and Pot in Bible

Hot Bible Conceals Drugs

Police found meth and marijuana inside woman’s Bible.

Because faith seems to be the answer to everything, including drug addiction, we bring you the case of a woman from the state of Missouri who got into a lot of hot water with the authorities. Allegedly, the suspect was caught by the jail officials trying to smuggle a fair number of drugs into prison by using a Bible.

Bible Drugs Discovered a Routine Check

According to the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department, the word best fitted to describe the incident is ‘outlandish.’ On Monday, Sheriff Jason Mosher told a new outlet that a woman, later identified as Ashley A. Despain, arrived at an Arizona prison, holding a Bible in her hands.

While at the reception, Despain told a jail official that she wanted to give the Holy Book to one of the inmates who was held there.

As it’s standard jail procedure to check every parcel before being handed to the inmates, the jail official took the Bible from Despain and checked it behind the counter.

Mosher declared that, at first glance, the book looked normal. However, upon opening it, the jail official discovered that the sew line that kept the cover in place has recently been remade.

Acting on his suspicion, the official took a small paper knife and begun cutting along the line. Upon peeking inside the cover, the police officer discovered a small package, tightly wrapped in electric tape.

After he opened the package, the official discovered some marijuana and methamphetamine. The woman was shortly arrested and charged with trying to smuggle controlled substances into a prison.

Despain, the woman who nearly got away with smuggling drugs inside a Bible, was booked into county jail, where she’s being held in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

Sheriff Mosher noted that this is the first time someone tried to smuggle drugs using the Holy Book.

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