Colorado Man in Custody for Shooting Neighbor Five Times in the Head

Colorado Man Booked for First-Degree Murder

The Colorado man shot his neighbor after he slapped his dog for jumping over fence.

The Colorado authorities have recently taken 32-year-old Michael Kouroush Sadeghi into custody and charged him with first-degree murder. According to the police report, the Colorado man shot his neighbor five times in the head at close range. While no motive was revealed, the authorities declared that the two of them might have had a spat over a dog.

Colorado Man Was Friends with the Victim, Authorities Reveal

On Tuesday evening, the authorities were summoned to a Colorado home after a woman dialed 911 and told the emergency operator that her neighbor shot her fiancé several times.

Upon arriving at the location, the paramedics declared Dustin Schmidt dead at the scene. The coroner’s report revealed that Schmidt was shot five times in the back of his head from close range.

Schmidt’s neighbor, 32-year-old Sadeghi was taken into custody and charged with premeditated murder.

The Colorado authorities declared during a conference that they have yet to determine Sadeghi’s motive for killing Schmidt, considering that the two of them were close, even friendly.

Vicky Branaghan, Schmidt’s fiancé, declared that she might know part of the reason why Sadeghi turned into a cold-blooded murderer.

According to the woman, they got along quite well with their neighbor, who was a big support for the woman after her child passed away in 2015.

On the night of the murder, Schmidt’s dog, who got into problems all the time, attempted to jump Sadeghi’s fence but got stuck.

Allegedly, Schmidt went after the dog, helped him to break free. Sadeghi was outside, looking at his neighbor.

After pulling the dog from the fence, Schmidt slapped the dog in order to discipline him. At that point, Sadeghi lost his wits, went back inside the house, grabbed his gun, came back, and shot his neighbor.

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