Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Inhale Condoms


Teens have started to snort condoms as part of a new Internet-born challenge.

We’ve seen it all: teens that will eat Tide Pods just for the fun of it, teens that would rub alcohol and set themselves on fire and even thins who would put plastic bags over their head to see how long they can least. And not for a totally different Internet fab – the inhale condoms challenge which looks as horrible as it sounds.

Why Stick with Laundry Pods When You Can Snort Condoms?

Because Rome wasn’t built in a single day, why should all the cool stuff on the Internet come all at once? Social media challenges are a thing nowadays, and regrettably, some of them can end in a very bad way.

Proponents of these ‘outlandish’ fads lived under a single motto: you only live once. And so, after the media raised some Hell over children getting sick after ingesting Tide Pods, prompting lawmakers to take extreme measures like forcing the company to print clearer labels, it would seem that parents have yet another reason for concern.

This new fad called the inhale condoms challenge is, without a doubt, even more, dangerous than the other put together, since the risk of dying is infinitely higher.

For those of you who haven’t had the questionable pleasure of getting acquainted with the term, it involves snorting a fresh-out-the-wrapper condom and then trying to get it out of your throat using your fingers.

Why is considered more dangerous than eating Tide Pods? Because the whole idea of this ‘game’ is to yank the condom fast enough before it gets lodged in your windpipe.

Although no one ended up in the hospital so far, there’s still enough time for that, as doctors declared. And now the bad news – there’s nothing you can do to keep your child from ‘experimenting’ as he or she will still find a way to try out a new fad.

Image source: Pixabay

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