Customer Dressed in Cowboy Attire Jumps Robber in Mexico

Cowboy hat

Man with cowboy hat and costume tackles armed robber in Mexico convenience store.

Because not every day you see cowboys rounding up bad guys; we give the case of a Mexican store customer who managed to grab a robber’s gun while he was distracted. The suspect was later taken I custody by the local authorities and charged with robbery.

Man In Cowboy Attire Ceases Opportunity to Wrestle with Robber

On Monday, the Monterrey authorities have had to deal with an unusual robbery case. Based on the official police report, the incident occurred during the morning, at a local convenience store. The incident was recorded by the store’s surveillance camera.

The footage reveals the store’s cashier and an individual wearing a cowboy outfit talking. Several seconds later, another individual enters the store and gets between the cowboy and the staff member.

Before anyone had time to react, the individual, who was wearing a hooded jumpsuit, pulls out a gun and points it towards the cashier. The man can be heard screaming at the staff member to open the cash register and to give him all the money.

At one point, the suspect turns his back and points the gun at the man wearing the cowboy outfit. Another customer, who was in the back of the store, manages to distract the robber long enough for the man dressed up as a cowboy to jump on the robber.

Several seconds later, the individual grabs the suspect’s gun while he makes a run to the door. Luckily, another store employee shows up, runs after him, and body-slams the suspect. With the help of the cowboy and another man, the store’s employee managed to restrain the suspect.


Meanwhile, the woman behind the counter manages to pick up the phone and alert the authorities. A  few minutes later, the authorities arrive at the location to take the suspect in custody.

Image source: Pixabay

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