Witcher Enhanced Edition Up for Grabs on GOG

Witcher Enhanced Edition

Witcher Enhanced Edition is the beginning of Geralt’s adventures.

Thinking about punching in some more time in Witcher? Then you’re in luck because GOG just announced that the Witcher Enhanced Edition (that’s the first game in the Witcher series) could be downloaded for free. But this is the not the only surprise GOG has in stock for us.

How Does GOG’s Witcher Enhanced Edition Offer Works?

Because everything that’s oldie is a goodie, GOG has decided to regale its Witcher fans with one mind-blowing surprise.

For a limited time, GOG account owners will be able to download the Witcher Enhanced Edition for free. Also, those who download the game will also receive a keg card bundle for CD Projekt Red’s GWENT game.

All you have to do in order to download this amazing game is go to GOG’s official website and subscribe to their newsletter. Bear in mind that you must have a GOG account and GWENT added to your library. It might be a time-consuming endeavor for those who don’t own a GOG account but what’s a few minutes compared to hours upon hours of slaying barghests or chasing after romance cards.

Although the third installment in the Witcher series has received more awards than anyone could count, the first game remains somewhat obscure, known only to die-hard fans of the series.

The Witcher III is the result of countless years spent on polishing game mechanics passed down from the first Witcher.

If you’ve never played any game besides The Wild Hunt, then you should arm yourself with plenty of patience. The first thing you’ll have to deal with after installing the game is the way you move around with Geralt.

Sure, the camera can be adjusted, but it’s pretty awkward to switch from a free-range camera movement to having to hold down a button just to see what’s behind you.

In hindsight, the Witcher Enhanced Edition was a good game, although underrated.

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