Chinese Passenger Fined and Imprisoned After Opening Emergency Exit Door

Chinese Passenger

Chinese passenger fined after forcing open a plane’s emergency exit door to get fresh air.

A spokesperson speaking on behalf of a Chinese airline confirmed that 25-year-old passenger was taken into custody by the Sichuan police and fined with $11,000 for opening an emergency exit door. According to the spokesperson, the Chinese passenger wanted to get some fresh air while waiting for the crew to disembark. No one was injured during the incident.

Chinese Passenger Declared that He Couldn’t Stand the Stuffy Air

Last week, the Sichuan Police Department arrested a 25-year-old male passenger, known only as Chen, after the man decided to disembark the plan earlier than planned.

Based on the incident’s report, Chen, who just flew from Hainan to Sichuan, was waiting for the flight attendants to greenlight disembarking when he went to the emergency exit door to grab a breath of fresh air.

Chen told the crew that the air inside the plane was a little stuffy, making it hard for him to breath. Upon arriving at the emergency exit door, the pulled down the handle and panicked when he saw the emergency slide starting to inflate.

The flight crew intervened and closed the door before informing the authorities about the incident. Chen was taken into custody and charged with unauthorized removal of aviation property. The Chinese passenger had to spend the next 15 days behind bars.

On top of that, Chen was ordered to pay $11,000 (around 70,000 yuan) to the unknown flight company.


Interestingly enough, this is not the only incident of this kind reporting on Chinese flights. Several years ago, a bulldozer operator was incarcerated for ten days after forcing open an emergency exit door for the same reason as Chen.

Similarly, another man ended up in prison for ten days after he opened the door which he allegedly mistook its handle for a handrail.

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