Autistic Woman Sentence for Neglecting Dementia-Stricken Mother

Autistic woman

The Oxford Crown Court sentenced a 41-year-old autistic woman to prison for neglecting her mother.

A 41-year-year-old autistic woman from Oxfordshire was recently sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison after an Oxford Crown Judge found her guilty of willful neglect leading to the death of a dependent person.  The woman was taken into custody after the authorities found her mother’s body.

Autistic Woman Claimed to Check On Her Mother Three to Four Times a Day

Judge Peter Ross sentenced Emma-Jane Kurtz on Friday to two-and-a-half years in prison in the death of Cecily Kurtz, her 78-year-old mother diagnosed with dementia. As part of Ross’ ruling, the woman must serve at least half of her sentence before she’s considered eligible for parole.

During a welfare check on the 2nd of July, the Oxfordshire authorities discovered the putrefied remains of Cecily Kurtz in Emma-Jane’s house.

According to the case report, the woman was found lying on the living room couch, which was entirely covered in diarrhea. More than that, Cecily had severe urine burns, matted hair, and a dark-brown diaper.

When the authorities discovered Cecily’s remains, the woman’s chin was touching the knees. Coroner’s ruled out that the woman has been lying in that position for at least five days before the authorities arrived.

During her police interview, the autistic woman denied neglecting her mother, claiming that she checked in on her at least three or four times a day.

Kirsty Allman, the Senior Crown Prosecutor who oversaw the Kurtz case, declared that Kurtz’s mother died in the most horrible conditions, the woman weighing a mere 39 kilograms at the time of her death.

Emma-Jane’s attorney argued that her client was diagnosed with autism and that she didn’t realize something might be wrong with her mother.

However, the prosecution tore down Kurt’s autism defense, saying that the condition is a mild one, meaning that the woman was well aware of the ramifications of her actions.

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