Connecticut Docs Remove Records Ovarian Cyst from Malnourished Patient

Ovarian cyst

The ovarian cyst weighed 130 pounds and covered the woman’s digestive tract.

In terms of medical records, the Danbury Hospital from Connecticut recently made history after a large team of surgeons managed to remove a large ovarian cyst from a patient’s abdomen. The benign formation weighed 132 pounds and covered most of the patient’s digestive tract.

Ovarian Cyst Confined Patient to Wheelchair

Dr. Vaagn Andikyan, a surgeon at the Danbury Hospital, declared that this one of the trickiest cases he and his colleagues handled in the last years. Normally, an ovarian cyst doesn’t grow bigger than 25 pounds and, in most cases, it’s small enough to pass unnoticed.

The female patient who recently underwent surgery at the Danbury Hospital came in with an enlarged abdomen and accused sever pains. A CT scan revealed that the woman had a massive ovarian cyst that covered a greater portion of her digestive tract.

Andikyan also mentioned that the patient appeared to be severely malnourished, as she could not handle the food on account of the massive tumor.

Soon after being admitted to the hospital, the female patient was taken to surgery to have the tumor removed. Given the size of the tumor, Andikyan worked alongside a team of surgeons, OR nurses, and technicians. All in all, approximately 25 people attended the woman’s surgery.

After five hours, Andikyan and his team were able to remove the ovarian cyst. A team of plastic surgeons managed to reconstruct the patient’s damaged abdomen.

Andikyan declared that the patient came through with flying colors and is expected to make a full recovery.


Lab result confirmed that the tumor grew over a two-month period, at a rate of 10 to 12 pounds per week.

Several days after surgery, the hospital discharged the woman. The patient returned home to continue her recovery. Andikyan and the other surgeons were able to save one of the woman’s ovaries.

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